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I have been so utterly crap at updating things recently. I seem to keep taking photos on my trusty iphone and then forgetting to do anything with them, besides the odd twitpic. Curse you, twtter - you are too convenient! XD

So, before anything...here is a pic I took of the lovely Sarah McIntyre over the weekend of the IBBY conference in Roehampton that I totally forgot to post up!

Sarah signs yet another copy of Morris the Mankiest Monster....you need this book. Your kids need this book. It's selling out all over as well! ^_^

This is Fairtrade Bob. He is our friend. Sarah and I met him on the tube.....




This weekend was Thought Bubble in Leeds, and ohmygodohmygod what a FANTASTIC weekend I had! I was preparing to take a deep breath and shout out to all of the people I saw and had a great time with at the event...but damn there're a lot of them XD Too many in, fact, so here's a taster:
Pud, Nana Li, Faye Yong, Sonia Leong, Yishan Li, Ben Templesmith, Andie Tong, Antony Johnston,The Geek Syndicate lads, Andy Diggle, Jock, Al Ewing, Leigh Gallagher (and Nikki!), Steve Wacker, Illya, Anna Petterson, Marc Ellerby, Adam Cadwell, Doug Wallace, Paul Cornell, Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie, Han, Paul Gravett, Tim Pilcher (and his amazing shirt), Lisa, Tamsin, Clark, Rose.....OHMYGOD SO MANY PEOPLES! I know there are a shedload not even mentioned here. 0_o

Many of us spent some quality time in the 'hell bar', as you may have seen on twitter. Here demonstrated by myself, Antony Johnston, Ben Templesmith and Andy Diggle.

hehe, the tables were lit up with red borders. Truly awesome. And you couldn't tell a coke from a vodka and lemonade....

Huge hellos to the wonderful people I met at my table and in the bar. *waves to the 'table party' gang* . There were so many people I wanted to chat more to, but darn was it busy.

I can't wait for next time around. A few of us already said that the hotel (which was amazing) had that air of comfortable familiarity by the end of the con that said 'yes, I can see myself spending a lot of time here in coming years' ^_^
The Team should be amazingly proud of themselves, it was a wonderful show enjoyed by all *hugs*

Now I have to get my voice back in time for the Grand Cosplay Ball next weekend, ehehehe....wish me luck!


Reading material random:
Have you guys checked out 'Talking to Strangers' from Sweatdrop yet? I don't think I mentioned it here yet...
Written by Fehed Said, it has shorts from artists: Nana Li, Wing, Chloe Citrine, Sonia Leong and Faye Yong...and good god it's bloody gorgeous. Seriously impressive writing over several varying topics and moods...and the art is just breathtaking throughout. 'Flowers' especially (Faye Yong) just blew me away. It is an example of perfect, flawless comicking. The pacing, the layouts, the lovingly handled characters and dialogue. Fred and Faye have made something very special with it.
But yes, the whole book is just edible....if you want a fab comic read, check it out! ^_^


So, it's been a weird year, work wise. Next year promises to be pretty darn exciting as, amongst other things, I'm set to start working with two fab writers, Nunzio Defilippes and Christina Weir on a pretty exciting project with Oni Press. Can't offer any more details just yet, but it's going to be fabtastic! ^_^
I'm also still hacking away at my rework of the early issues of Dragon Heir. Really enjoying the challenge! latest chapter (7) is behind the banner.


I have to leave you with this amazing blog post from the lovely Wil Wheaton...because it's awesome. I heartily endorse this sentiment...we all need to GET EXCITED AND MAKE THINGS!


Christmas? Don't talk to me about Christmas....*cry* I'm normally so organised, but this year is just bouncing towards me with a leering grin...I'm scared!
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