I may never be on Livejournal these days, but.....

...I can at least pop in to wish happy festive joys to those of you celebrating, and a wonderful and succesful new year to all!

Sorry I'm so rarely about here these days, but do please use this link to view my website feed through your Livejournal if you want to keep up with what I'm doing ^_^
Not that I've had a whole lot of chance to update that too regularly either, hahah, but it's slightly better serviced than LJ....oh dear, I fail XD

I'm also on twitter of course, @Emmavieceli - and that's where you'll find me the most on the net these days; blabbing away like a nutter.

So - With that I wish you all a wonderful festive season. May your plates be overloaded, your port be flowing and your puddings be flaming. Surround yourself with people you love and have a wonderful time.
I'll see you all next year!

Ems ^_^

Dragons, vampires, Leeds and haircare!

hey, all! this weekend coming is the fabulous Thought Bubble comic convention, always a show I look forward to! I'll be there with a table, pimping my shiny Dragon Heir books, some Sweatdrop anthies and the Sweatdrop calender (perfect Christmas gift, eh?) and also sitting in on a couple of panels. I hope to see you there ^_^

I can taste the end on Avalon book one, woot! Loving the story SO much. And Vampire Academy continues to be a delight to draw. I had no idea I'd love drawing Christian so much, he's really fun to draw because his expressions are just wonderful. ^_^

In random, other art-related news: A few months ago I did a commission for Lee Stafford's hairdressing company, where I got to draw comic-styled artwork for a line of special boxsets. Well, these boxsets are now available in Boots everywhere, and they're SHINY! If you're in a Boots and see the Christmas gifts section, why not take a look? And I can vouch for the product too. OMG I never thought I'd get addicted to shampoo! haha ;) You can see all three sets by following the link.

Hope everyone's doing well! Sorry I'm so unsociable at the mo....it's gonna be a tough couple of years, but I am enjoying the work! ^_^

Influence Map ahoy!

Well, these things have been fascinating to look at, but I didn't think I'd get a chance to try - now that one of my publishers have requested us to have a go (you should check out Sonia Leong's as well!), I'm really glad I did! It's amazing how you can look at friends' maps and totally see how they came to their style - and I think I can see a lot of that in mine as well! Very surreal. I wish I could have sourced a full page for Keiko Nishi - she really was a huge inspiration, but i don't want to bend my book to scan it! Precioussss. ^_^
Also, I'm kicking myself for not adding an Amy Reeder pic in as she totally inpired my inking!

But yeah - here we go!

Dragon Heir: Reborn has arrived! ^__^

Hey, guys! OMG what is this livejournal thing? What do I do with it? Hopefully a few of you are still out there reading - I still browse my friends list, but have totally failed this year at updating  - useless!

Anyways, things are utterly nuts in Emma-Land right now. I'm splitting my time between Vampire Academy for Penguin books, and Avalon Chronicles for Oni Press. I love both of them, but wish there was more time in the day!

What is awesome though is that, as some of you will know, the start times of the projects allowed me time to finally put together my baby, Dragon Heir: Reborn! This is the book that finally compiles the whole story so far (issues 1-9), but featuring the newly told first five issues. As this one was getting a plate print-run, I was nervous as hell about how it would come out, having paid substantial amounts for my self-indulgence, haha. But Oh my word, the printers did me proud! They're the same guys who printed Sweatdrop's recent Telling Tales anthie, Fehed's Talking to strangers and Sonia's Once Upon a Time, so I knew they could do a good job, but I'm more pleased than I could have imagined ^__^


The highlight for me is the GOLD TEXT ON THE SPINE ZOMG. It came out so nice! Any fellow comicking/indie press nerds out there will no doubt join me in ooohing and aaaahing over a good spine, haha.

So- the book is now added to the Sweatdrop catalogue for order, huzzah! It will also end up on Amazon at some point soon. Or, if you wanted a signed/direct copy, you could drop me a line with your address and we can sort a paypal payment. Either way, I really hope you'll be interested in checking out my new baby!
It's priced at £7/US$12 for a whole 240 pages of comic joy!

For those of you who are new to the series, this is a great way to dive in. And for those of you who've supported me for a while now, this is the definitive version...you may now burn all older editions, LOL. It's actually pretty amusing sitting this next to the old issues and seeing the changes. XD

So yeah, this series is very important to me as it's followed me from a hobby-comicker to working in the industry...it's grown as I have, and this book makes me very happy. I hope you'll be able to show it love. ^_^

Electric Picnic!


I am going to be at this amazing-looking event, talking about COMICS, can you believe?!

And, not only that, but I'm in the company of some pretty awe-inspiring people! I can't wait - hope to see some familiar faces there ^_^

Blurb from the organisers:

Join us in the MindField on Saturday, September 4th at 5 p.m. for a chaotic and fun-stuffed rocket ride through the inner and outer reaches of the comics and cartooning universes.  Our intrepid and esteemed panel will cheerily dissect and debate the “sequential art” scene as it and was: offering thoughts, opinions and recollections on a wide range of topics, including: Classic British comics, Manga, Bande dessinée, Girls’ comics, John Major’s underpants, the Irish small presses, and much, much more. Masked and caped crusaders may also get an occasional mention…

Bios =

Pat Mills is affectionately (and accurately) known as the “godfather of British comics“. A comic industry legend, he was the founder of 2000 AD, Battle and Action. As a writer he has created some of the UK’s most seminal and best-loved comic stories: Sláine, Charley’s War, ABC Warriors, Nemesis the Warlock and many more. Among the other credits on his extensive CV are Marshal Law, Metalzoic, The Punisher 2099, Requiem Vampire Knight and Batman: The Book of Shadows.

Emma Vieceli is a freelance artist and writer based in Cambridge. Artist for 2 of the acclaimed Manga Shakespeare graphic novels (and featured in the award-winning Comic Book Tattoo and Marvel's recent Girl Comics amongst other publications), she is currently working on two graphic novel series: one for Oni Press and one for Penguin Books. She also continues to work on her own independent series, Dragon Heir (printed through Sweatdrop Studios).

Steve Bell is one of most original and respected figures in contemporary cartooning. He has produced illustrations and comic strips for many different magazines, including Social Work Today, Punch, Private Eye, New Society, Radio Times, New Statesman, The Spectator and the Journalist. Since 1981 he has written and drawn the daily If… strip in The Guardian, creating such memorable images as - John Major with his underpants worn outside his trousers, Tony Blair with Margaret Thatcher’s rogue eyeball, and George W Bush as a chimpanzee. He has had twenty seven books published, including a cartoon autobiography of George Bush called Apes of Wrath, an anthology If… Marches On and, most recently, a Tony Blair self-help guide titled My Vision For a New You. His work has been published all over the world and he has won numerous awards.
Philip Barrett has been self-publishing comics since 2001, including writing and drawing 9 issues of his catch-all title 'Matter' and contributing to numerous anthologies. With Liam Geraghty he has produced 'Gazebo' and 'The Littlest Arsonist'. In 2010 the Verbal Arts Centre in Derry published Philip's 'best-of' collection 'The Human in Me'. He is a co-founder of Edition Book Arts which celebrates the craft of the book and self-publishing. Philip helped get the ball rolling on the regular Dublin Comic Jam and is particularly interested in how good comics are at documenting the collision between the worlds of the fantastical and the mundane.

Mel Gibson is a UK based comics scholar, consultant and Senior Lecturer at Northumbria University. She has run training events about comics and graphic novels for libraries, schools and other organisations since 1993. Her published research has addressed such varied topics as girls’ comics, picture books, children's literature, graphic novels and manga.

San Diego announcements from me ^_^

Okay, so – though I wasn’t at San Diego Comic Con in person, I was there in spirit in the form of some very exciting announcements that I’ve been wanting to share for a long time.

Firstly, I will be working with writers Nunzio DeFilippis and Christina Weir, and the lovely folks at Oni Press, on the series - Avalon Chronicles. Hugely exciting! Nunzio and Christina are just wonderful, and I’m so honoured to not only be drawing their epic, but also to be allowed to join in on some of the story creation! I can’t wait to share some of the cast and progress work with you. For now, you can check N & C’s blog for more details, and I can offer up the sample preview I put together for San Diego’s announcement at the Oni panel.

Aaand - Richelle Mead is the fabulous writer responsible for the rather schmexy Vampire Academy series of novels, and I am just utterly thrilled to be the artist responsible for bringing her story to life in graphic novel form, to be published by Penguin Books. Getting to work on such a popular (and bloody awesome) series is exciting enough, but to be working for a giant like Penguin Books makes me feel very privileged. You can see Richelle’s own post at her blog, along with the cover mockup that Penguin have put together for the announcement, by clicking on the banner.

So – it’s an exciting time for me and I am more hyped than I can say! I’m already mid production on the first Avalon book, Once In a Blue Moon (a re-imagining of the same title released several years ago), and am eagerly awaiting Leigh Dragoon’s script for Vampire Academy – though I’ve played with test pages enough to know I’m going to very much enjoy these characters!

I look forward to sharing more news when I have it. ^_^

MCM Expo - ComicVillage - were you there?

Recovery in progress from the MCM this weekend just gone. I'm off to Derry this coming weekend for the 2D festival, but this time as a guest and not an organiser - which I'm looking forward to! haha.
Thank you ALL for making the weekend SO special! It had such an amazing buzz and the general feedback I heard was that people are really enjoying the mixed-in, community feel of the village. It's a heck of a job to organise, but it's so worth it if I know people have enjoyed themselves! *hug*

So, I totally failed to stop by everyone's stalls or catch people before the end of the show....if you're following me here and you exhibited at the ComicVillage, let me know your thoughts, guys ^_^

Did you enjoy yourself? Are you happy with the growth? How big do you think we can go without overstretching or saturating sales? (this weekend was 75 tables). What can be changed for the better?

Next show, passes MUST be organised better I think. For starters, we'll be asking everyone to bring their own lanyards and straps, hahah. Those of you who had your printed pass should have had little problem, but I know not everyone did (bad people) and I know that the industry desk wasn't set up when it should have been.

Let me know your feedback, even if it's just to say 'yay, I had fun'....as every smile I see makes me happeeeeee!

Huge kudos of course to: Anna Petterson, who helped me run the event on the day. Andrew (Pud) Ruddick, for running the CV stage so beautifully. And Matthew Sheret, who you guys won't have seen but who really helped out with the guidebook and some pre-show admin! You'll see more of him next show ^_^

You're all fabulous!

Dragon Heir has an Eagle Award nomination!!

Yes it's truuuuuuuu and totally unexpected! I'm thrilled ^_^ The category is FAVOURITE BRITISH BLACK AND WHITE COMIC. There are some amazing creators and comics nominated up there (including Morag Lewis's Reya in fave manga, Jamie and Kieron's Phonogram in several categories, the DFC in fave colour comic and Marc Ellerby's Chloe Noonan in my own category *fisticuffs - lol*)

So head to the online voting form and register your vote! Takes a minute and is much appreciated. Dragon Heir and other quality nominations are in need of your support!

Meanwhile, have chapter 33 of the online version of DH running at the moment:
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