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Dragon Heir: Reborn has arrived! ^__^

Hey, guys! OMG what is this livejournal thing? What do I do with it? Hopefully a few of you are still out there reading - I still browse my friends list, but have totally failed this year at updating  - useless!

Anyways, things are utterly nuts in Emma-Land right now. I'm splitting my time between Vampire Academy for Penguin books, and Avalon Chronicles for Oni Press. I love both of them, but wish there was more time in the day!

What is awesome though is that, as some of you will know, the start times of the projects allowed me time to finally put together my baby, Dragon Heir: Reborn! This is the book that finally compiles the whole story so far (issues 1-9), but featuring the newly told first five issues. As this one was getting a plate print-run, I was nervous as hell about how it would come out, having paid substantial amounts for my self-indulgence, haha. But Oh my word, the printers did me proud! They're the same guys who printed Sweatdrop's recent Telling Tales anthie, Fehed's Talking to strangers and Sonia's Once Upon a Time, so I knew they could do a good job, but I'm more pleased than I could have imagined ^__^


The highlight for me is the GOLD TEXT ON THE SPINE ZOMG. It came out so nice! Any fellow comicking/indie press nerds out there will no doubt join me in ooohing and aaaahing over a good spine, haha.

So- the book is now added to the Sweatdrop catalogue for order, huzzah! It will also end up on Amazon at some point soon. Or, if you wanted a signed/direct copy, you could drop me a line with your address and we can sort a paypal payment. Either way, I really hope you'll be interested in checking out my new baby!
It's priced at £7/US$12 for a whole 240 pages of comic joy!

For those of you who are new to the series, this is a great way to dive in. And for those of you who've supported me for a while now, this is the definitive version...you may now burn all older editions, LOL. It's actually pretty amusing sitting this next to the old issues and seeing the changes. XD

So yeah, this series is very important to me as it's followed me from a hobby-comicker to working in the industry...it's grown as I have, and this book makes me very happy. I hope you'll be able to show it love. ^_^
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